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Whether you are facing a divorce or you are an unmarried parent interested in protecting your rights to support, you need experienced counsel and advocacy. Once a determination is made, it can be difficult to obtain a modification or collect the child support you need. At the law office of Michael B. Greenstein, we are experienced in representing both clients seeking to collect support as well as those who want to minimize child support obligations.

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Protecting Your Rights to Child Support
If you are facing divorce or are unmarried and want to collect child support, it is important to work with an experienced attorney from the outset. We will review your income, assets, and the needs of your child to make the best case to collect the full amount of child support you deserve. Child support determinations are based on formulas in the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines that take into consideration the income of both parties as well as any special needs. Our goal is to help you quickly and effectively recover the child support you need.

We are also experienced in cases involving:

Defense Against Unmanageable Obligations
In addition to helping custodial parents collect the support they need, we are also experienced in helping individuals prevent unmanageable child support obligations. If you are unmarried or facing divorce and think you will be required to pay child support, it is important to consult with an experienced advocate as soon as possible. Once a determination is made, it can be very difficult to get a reversal or seek a modification. If you owe back child support or you are currently unable to pay, we will build a case on your behalf to minimize obligations or get a legal modification, so that you avoid penalties and potential jail time.

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