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Domestic violence and women’s resources in and around Pittsburgh, PA

Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

The Center for Women

Women’s Shelters

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Center for Victims

Crisis Center North

Blackburn Center (Westmoreland County)

Legal resources
The Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct
These are the professional standards to which lawyers licensed to practice in Pennsylvania are held.

The Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure
Anyone using the court system in Pennsylvania should become familiar with those rules that apply to their case. Please note that rules pertaining to support begin with 1910.1; child custody, 1915.1; and divorce, 1920.1. This link does not include supplemental court rules that are local to your county of residence.

The Pennsylvania Domestic Relations Code
This includes Pennsylvania law on marriage, divorce, child custody and protection from abuse.

The Pennsylvania Criminal Code
You can be jailed for violating it, so why not take a peek?

Pennsylvania Automated Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES) web portal
Access information on child support and/or spousal support in your case, including support paid or received, arrears balance, upcoming events, and docket information.

Allegheny County Family Court Manual
Contains information and necessary forms for using the adult family court system in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Allegheny County Children’s Court Manual
Contains information and necessary forms for using the child custody system in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Allegheny County Department of Court Records
Registration is free. This site offers both comprehensive docket access (including access to scanned filings!), and the ability to file documents electronically.

Allegheny County Motions Court calendar
Downloadable calendar shows which Allegheny County judge is hearing Motions on which days.  Please note that this is for regular Motions Court, and that pro se Motions before each judge are usually an hour earlier on the same day.

Allegheny County Property Assessment
Public information about individual parcels of real estate throughout Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Westmoreland County local court rules

Washington County local court rules and downloadable forms

Beaver County local rules and downloadable forms

Beaver County property tax assessment

Butler County local rules and downloadable forms

Magistrate Court docket sheets for Pennsylvania
Remember that speeding ticket? You can probably find it listed here.

Appellate Court docket sheets for Pennsylvania
Allows you to access docket information for appeals on file with the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Commonwealth Court and Supreme Court.

Reverend Harry Beck, wedding officiant
… because divorce doesn’t have to be forever!  Rev. Beck is a personal friend, and officiated at my own wedding.

NASA’s Picture of the Day
… because even in the darkness, there is much worth seeing.

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